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Japanese Candle Course - Your A-Z Blueprint to mastering japanese candles and what to watch out for in the stock market by Trading With Flash
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I originally decided to get into the stock market when I found out I was going to become a dad in early 2017. I took the plunge to pursue a better future for me and my family by deciding to educate myself in the stock market. Upon embarking in the stock market, my journey was far from easy, I consistently was loosing money, and needed a way to fix this asap. I began doing a lot of stock courses and came across a common pattern that each course did not contain a lot of in depth information & education on candles & candle patterns. This was a recipe for disaster as I thought I understood candles & candle patterns and it turned out I was very wrong about this. So i have decided to create this course for stock traders who need to know more about candles. Understanding candles in detail has helped me to increase profits and minimize my loses & I believe it can do the same for YOU if you struggle to understand the patterns of Japanese Candles. God Bless!

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Course Description
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 30 Minute Coaching Call (Valued at $50)
  • The Doji Candle
  • The Hammer Candle
  • The Inverted Hammer Candle
  • Bullish Pinbar
  • Bearish Pinbar
  • Time frames for Candle Patterns
  • One White Soldier
  • One Black Crow
  • The Morning Star
  • The Evening Star
  • Bullish Engulfing Candle
  • Bearish Engulfing Candle
  • Bonus Material

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Refunds are given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior & has completed no more than 20% of the course
Everyone who purchases the Japanese Candle Course will also receive a 30 minute coaching call worth $50  from myself to go through issues or concerns issues you are having in the stock market with regards to candle patterns or any other concerns you may need assistance on in the stock market. 
Here What Others Have To Say About This Course

Azroy Riveria - July 2018

Simple and insightful. I love the details. Highly recommend if you want to strengthen your basic knowledge.

Sean Trent - July 2018

Had low expectations and abundant skepticism before starting the course. Both of the demons were beaten to death. Really liked the course and found it helpful enough for me to start trading

Fendy B - July 2018

I can not stress how much I have learned by this course alone. Before getting into this, I learned that you need anywhere from 400-500 hours of training and learning to be a successful trader. I feel that this course was a huge chunk of it. This was a great baseline to further expand my knowledge. Flash was great at explaining every detail and made sure to go over it again to reinforce it. I look forward to taking more courses taught by Flash

Fendy B - July 2018

Flash explains really easy, makes the training very easygoing and he uses real cases from the stock market.

Adam Hennesy - July 2018

Finally I understood the candlestick.... very difficult to find the right information.... Thank you so much!

Kelson von Delap - July 2018

Good Course showing a good strategy, really good instructor ready to answer your questions. Hope you try it.

Tim O Keefe - July 2018

great course for beginner or newbie to learn candlestick trading - many different patterns and techniques are taught in straight forward fashion. If you don't know anything you will after watching and going through this course

Greg T - July 2018

This cours helped me to understand the messages embedded within the candelsticks graphs and patterns.
before, I used this graphs as a trending lines. Now, i can, through the candelsticks patterns analysis, read the messages that the market sent (ie expected behaviour of sellers and buyers)

Ronald F - July 2018


Chris Phelps - July 2018

This the most complete course I got So far on candle sticks 
Great course
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